Irie Mountain Blessed would like to support the ongoing distribution of donated clothing, food and school materials,
sports equipment and supplies. Any of these items are welcomed whole-heartedly.

We are also requesting funding for project materials, advertising, food, housing, and permitting fees.

We are so greatful for the ongoing support of generous donors like you!

Irie Mountain Blessed Scholarship

This campaign is dedicated to the land and to the enjoyment of nature and healing arts. We will be traveling to Jamaica to collect and dry natural plants. Volunteers with an interest for outdoor skills and natural plant medicine would be extremely helpful at this time so that we can build a center for healing arts and creative education. Tea gatherers will work alongside skilled herbalist Raphel Blake.  Funds are needed for travel expenses for people who volunteer their services in exchange for a travel retreat and a grand adventure.

If you want to see more pictures and videos visit my google+ below: