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Therapeutic Dimensions®

If you are looking for a unique blend of healing arts and pure natural science combining wellness and functional medicine, this could be the opportunity where your journey towards optimal health and happiness brings you to the next level of development.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy - Therapeutic DimensionsI’ve discovered what it means to be uniquely oriented in the world using my own sensitivities as specially designed qualities I have refined while journeying deeply to uncover my true gifts and creative capacities. Many individuals who perceive the world differently are living within expected social norms unable to fully express themselves and remaining invisible to others. We see, hear, and feel the world beyond what is readily accessible to most people. While fine tuning attention you can learn to access your sense perceptions in a guided and supported unfolding process to express yourself with more vibrancy, engaging fully in daily routines and activities of living. This special attunement is completely natural allowing for life’s magical and mystical journey to be expressed through your senses as portals of higher learning. With up to 13 different sense perceptions you will learn to enliven the physical life forces in your body and be drawn effortlessly into more meaningful experiences in all areas of your life. Learn more about Therapeutic Listening® therapies and Simplicty Parenting® tools here

Listen to Occupational Therapist, Willow Dea, talk about her new book Igniting Brilliance: Integral Education for the 21st Century, exploring the promise of an approach that can nourish and enrich our children in every dimension of their lives.

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration - Therapeutic DimensionsSensory dis-integration to re-integration through the lifespan is a developmental cycle that is supported during our sessions to create ease where you might be experiencing dis ease using many well-researched tools and techniques such as sound, movement, touch, and deep pressure for self-regulation. Exploration with your senses leads you to a fully-grounded body with focused attention and orientation-enhancing balance while moving in flow using coordinated, expanded, well-timed, and sequenced interactions. Rediscover through the natural rhythms of the body with the earth how to use patterns that connect us all to a universal navigational system where your experience plugs you into a grid with a lighter, less dense, vibrational quality. With age, we have the capacity to continue developing our sense perceptions to carry us toward a higher frequency while living in a physical body made of high-quality energy and particles, fully embodying life’s transitions using specialized tools designed for sensory integration. Metatronic® Life and Healing supports this process. For those interested in energy healing sessions, visit JoJo’s Blog here

For those who want to read more about the diagnosis and identification of Sensory Processing Disorder, this document has simple definitions and what to look for at different ages.

Spacial Dynamics

Spatial Dynamics - Therapeutic DimensionsMary is a level one practitioner of Spacial Dynamics®; a type of movement therapy for all ages, developed by a master athlete and physiotherapist to teach a dynamic experience through space to reconnect, regenerate, and reintegrate the body, thus replacing dis-ease with ease. Using subtle flowing movements, suggesting there is space around the body we can activate to support us, as well as gentle, rhythmical massage streaming, Mary will help you learn to practice techniques and disciplines to achieve full wellness inside and out. Each of us processes our own uniqueness to share and Mary is an expert at gently integrating, unfolding, and understanding how to help your body receive the right combination of support, enhancement, and encouragement to develop increased awareness and to tune in and tune up your instrumentation aligning yourself for smooth sailing all the way!

To learn more aboutSpacial Dynamics® visit JoJo’s Blog here or to learn how to recognize and change your spacial movement patterns, click here

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