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Therapeutic Dimensions™

To understand how our services may apply to you or your child, we need your help to determine the need for an occupational therapy assessment.  Generally this happens by using a checklist to see if you or your child are exhibiting certain behaviors or characteristics that affect functional performance.

Therapeutic Dimensions offers comprehensive assessments that are a useful tool for communicating, planning and prioritizing a complete picture of your therapy needs. Mary is always happy to answer further specific questions if it would be helpful to you.

Getting Started

The first step is an initial interview and an observation.

  • Movement patterns are observed
  • Orienting and attention is observed

The second step is to determine the need for an assessment and services.

  • Data and evidence is collected
  • Goals and a treatment plan are formed
  • Comments and questions are discussed

The third step is the collaborative process to develop therapeutic enhancements.

  • A sensory diet is developed
  • Suggestions are demonstrated
  • Practice and progress is reviewed

We will learn to speak the unique language of the body by observing physical behaviors and sensory responses occurring within natural processes across environments.  Together we will unfold the individual within and fulfill a basic need and shared desire for all people to live, learn, grow and form lasting relationships with others.

“What is real is truthful and can be seen and spoken in a common language, lived, enhanced and shared, reflecting an individual’s heart-centered meaning and purpose through activity.” ~ Mary Blake

Common sense solutions are here right now!

The challenges we face today are often complex.  To provide the most effective interventions, I use a multidisciplinary approach to therapy.  Quite simply, I treat the whole person in context.

Through ongoing collaboration, we address the well being of the whole, dissolving disciplinary boundaries to formulate a treatment plan that considers a broad range of needs, challenges and outcomes.

Once you chose to open a door, I meet you “in your zone of comfort” where you begin working toward your goals.  I help you envision the steps in a sequence towards your goals with a clear direction.

Our focus is to develop critical foundation skills and information processing abilities.  Using a holistic approach, I’ll teach you how to apply therapeutic tools ~ within all aspects of your life ~ as we become aware we develop skills to overcome obstacles with greater ease and effectiveness. This becomes the new way your body and senses perceive the world ~ where your potential is realized and your dreams are fulfilled.

I listen with you to the inspiration and wisdom of your own body to help you discover ways to address real-life challenges using practical tools you can feel comfortable learning and using every day.

Thank you for choosing to explore with us!

Therapeutic Dimensions


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