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Therapeutic Dimensions’® programs offer clinical knowledge woven into all aspects of your life as you unfold. Enhancements are created to respond with your natural daily rhythms to shift foundational patterns. These are easy-to-practice elements – often unconsciously overlooked at first – that change with awareness of new perceptions, facilities and relationships to begin creating from within your body.

As soon as you are aligned to a new map using your body and your senses you become more engaged within environments such as the classroom and at home or in shared community spaces.

Mary BlakeI’m Mary Blake, a therapist who has been working over the past 35 years to create a unique program called Therapeutic Dimensions® Phases. I’ve been learning and integrating my therapeutic practices into my own life all these years to develop and refine the Therapeutic Dimensions® Phases program. I started with a foundation of conscious engagement with the human body and merged it with Occupational Therapy, the study of human performance and activity.

Given my unique set of skills, practices and training I support simple movements and offer sensory enhancements designed to help others gain access to their full potential through a rhythmic process naturally opening the body, mind and spirit to integrate at a new level of perception and awareness moving through life-changing transitions. Services and products such as exercises and demonstrations of skilled activities, games, dance, circus, music, story-telling, crafts, natural juices, teas, foods, plants & animals are offered to support healthy living practices, replacing habitual patterns and removing hindrances of dis-ease. We reorganize your personal sensory map to invite a new body orientation to emerge from sensory dis – integration to re – integration.  While most of us have heard about “sensory integration” during the early years of a child’s life, a number of interesting studies are now being conducted around sensory dis-integration occurring in cycles all through the human lifespan.

My work is based on theories developed by Dr. Jean Ayres who describes sensory integration as an intervention during which “the therapist tries carefully to balance structure and freedom in a way that leads to constructive exploration. This balance is not easily achieved. Free play does not inevitably in itself further sensory integration. If it did, many children with dysfunction would solve their own problems. But too much structure does not allow growth either. With this balance of structure and freedom, the therapist helps the child to develop both his neural organization and his inner direction. The child is given as much control over therapy as he can handle as long as his activity is therapeutic. The therapist controls the environment while the child controls his own actions. Self-confidence, improved attitude about one’s self, is often the first change parents notice in their children after they have started therapy. The child becomes more in command of his life because he develops better control of his body as his nervous system functions better.”

Principles, Mission and Commitment

We are all a part of nature and affected by everything around us each day.  Each season has specific reasons and benefits for us in our lives.  My services are offered in Therapeutic Dimensions® Phases to match nature’s intended purpose. Our commitment to you is this:

  • honest and caring interactions
  • patience and openness towards learning
  • encouragement for new growth

Who Can Benefit?

Both children and adults can benefit from the variety of services provided by Therapeutic Dimensions®.

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Service Descriptions

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Referral Process

In order to understand how therapy sessions may benefit you and/or your child, I have information that will help support you in meeting your needs should you choose me as your provider. Click here to read more about our referral process and how to get started.

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of a 3 year old
I remember when our daughter began working with you she felt very anxious moving on and off swings and didn’t want to move. I have truly never seen anyone work with children like you do. It is pure art and has made all the difference for us!!! Today at our final OT session she said, "Wait, I want to do my trick". She went over to the swing, independently stood on it in a crouch position to get it to swing, then leaped off and crashed into the pillows underneath it. What an amazing metamorphosis!!! We are forever grateful! We are deeply grateful for the profound ways that OT has benefitted our daughter and our family as a whole. It has been a lifeboat for us in the often‐turbulent waters of Sensory Processing Difference. OT has helped us make peace with SPD. We have learned concrete navigational tools that give us options of ways to keep moving through life vs. being stuck in the painful places of dys‐regulation.

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