Mary BlakeMy name is Mary Cathleen Blake and I am an Occupational Therapist. I’m delighted to announce Therapeutic Dimensionswebsite and openings for new clients.

A warm welcome to all ~

Thank you for being here.  I hope you are moved to explore and will enjoy your experience.

Therapeutic Dimensions

We are born with a hunger to learn and with openness, enthusiasm and determination. As we grow and change with others it forms our”way” of understanding life.

I honor your courage, patience and heartfelt commitment to creating honest, caring interactions.

In our work together we will begin to discover your unique purpose as an individual and return with expanded knowledge to support and serve others on their spiritual journey in this realm.

My work is inspired by studies of nature, pure science and practical arts. I’ve developed intuitive disciplines and teach therapeutic enhancements embedded into purposeful interactions to help you expand and unfold your individual creative life by design.

With great respect ~ Yours truly,

Mary Cathleen

My Background and Training

I’m pediatric board certified and licensed as a registered Occupational Therapist. I’m certified in Sensory Integration with advanced training in Therapeutic Listening Programs. I am a Simplicity Parenting Coach and I’ve completed a graduate certificate in Collaborative Counseling. I am a Spacial Dynamics Level I Practitioner and in training as a Level ll Practitioner. I am a certified Metatronic Life and Healing Practitioner and I grow natural herbs used as medicinal tea for wellness.

I work closely with individuals, families and teams and for more than 30 years, I’ve been an area resource for agencies and school districts.

I am the only provider with advanced training in a 70-mile radius of the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire offering sensory-based assessment and treatment in a safe, therapeutic environment using specialized techniques.

I believe we have access to gentle ways of healing. I look for what is already healthy and whole to lift what’s merely sufficient into a sublime state of being!  If you’d like to read more about my training and background, click here.

Mary’s Thoughts

During my research studies and while journeying deeply through my own body’s processes I’ve learned what it means to become uniquely oriented in the world using my gifts as specially designed qualities I call perceptual sensitivities.

Many individuals who perceive the world differently than others have a creative gift hidden behind the expected social norms and one’s cultural society with which we can see, hear and feel beyond what is readily visible to others. Fine tuning one’s attentiveness to access sense perceptions in a guided and supported unfolding process and can bring to us a fully visible creative, vibrant and grounded world often over looked or un seen until it’s made “real”!

This special type of attunement is magical, mystical and completely natural as one choses and learns to attend using up to 13 senses gaining the possibility of 12 perspectives.  The 13th sense is always our own sense of life force felt in physical body.

Mary BlakeThis is exactly what makes you unique and makes such a program playful and fun too!

At any given moment we can chose to use one or more of our senses and expand our perceptions to live into a more meaningful stronger and connected life.

After 30 years of practice as an Occupational Therapist I am discovering a broader meaning for the definition of purpose and meaningful activity.  Our birthright is simply to live productively as a human being through the life span and to be fully alive and express oneself freely. We can chose how to live because we are given a body and our senses with an unlimited potential to evolve, grow, move and change ourselves.

Are you ready to commit yourself to become more fully engaged in your own abundant and healing nature everyday for the rest of your life?

You are here … right?

We will begin with a small step and fine tune your body and your senses on the path to receiving the knowledge and wisdom of your own body as an “instrument”  to design the life YOU want to be living!

For those interested in more healing stories, see JoJo’s Blog here.


Mary Cathleen Blake, OTR/L, BCP

Occupational Therapist
Registered and Licensed
Board Certified Pediatric

Sensory Integration Certified
Certified Collaborative Counselor
Spacial Dynamics Level I Practitioner

Metatronic Life and Healing Practitioner

Natural Medicinal Tea Distributor
Therapeutic Listening Programs

Simplicity Parenting Coach

Service Descriptions

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