“Still Moving” from Mary Blake

Still moving ~ do you feel the space around you as you move and are you connecting to what’s there to enliven yourself through your senses right now? What happens when you engage this way with your child who may be slowly learning to integrate and perceive their surroundings using their senses to newly express what they’re learning?

Think about how tired we may feel during back to school transitions and how our ability to integrate and process during transitions takes longer than expected (no matter how we try to stay organized) while we’re establishing new routines (with all the new sights, sounds, touch, movements and smells each season)! Change requires a special kind of attentiveness, even when we appear “fine” in the moment and seem to be compensating well!

We forget, it can actually take days for sensitive children to adjust to any type of change. The adrenalin from something “new” is tiring physiologically for children’s nervous systems to try to reset and adjust to afterwards! This is why we try to look for progress in slow gradual repetitive ways (and move away from comfortable habits or accommodations or new and exciting events) into natural and steady rhythm to learn how to begin to apply new skills!

Our goal as care providers, as we learn to develop our intuitive “muscles” is to know how to intervene before non adaptive behaviors arise. One sure way is to always provide extra time and more rest in order to process, integrate and apply new skills confidently! In practice, I have been moving through tremendous changes this year in life transitions and it is certainly taking me a long time to integrate and process it all!

So, I’m very grateful for everyone’s patience (and your children’s!) as I slowly respond to many of your inquires and very generous support, prompting me to finally write a fall Phases letter!

Indeed, we are “still” building our new space and establishing necessary resources (adapting with our vision)! I’ve been focused on my family and bringing my work individually to many of my clients at home or schools and Raphel is in Jamaica farming and gathering tea 🍃

It’s going very well, given how the natural social inclusion process occurs in community and supports our children and us, creating awareness and increased understanding in new ways for us to collaborate and protect and build further with the work we’re sharing together!

I do wish I had a firm date to give you for our new space to be “ready” as we move forward steadily! We “still” have the same excitement for our vision in our new space and hope your needs are met in our transition! We anticipate (weather permitting) construction to be completed for clients (this is different than an unfinished space to live in early 2017! Although I do enjoy working in many different community spaces, it will feel good to be settled and I can’t wait to share pictures and stories on my blog!

Until Spring 2017, I’ll continue to offer practical and functional services in community
settings as an option I formerly provided at 4 Waldorf schools (UVWS, Wellspring, Orchard Valley and Lake Champlain) from 2008 – 2011 until my practice was too busy
to allow for travel! As I look back, in addition to developing a new studio space I see the forgotten benefits & exciting results of “bringing my work to your space”! I’ve really missed the connection to “real world social inclusion” in community, as well as the creative challenge of applying functional therapy enhancements with positive results.

I’m amazed to see clients easily embed simple enhancements into daily lives with practice & patience. We’re blessed to witness these changes and a sense renewal with empowered inspiration! I’m grateful for this opportunity to revisit a variety of holistic community services this season with Therapeutic Dimensions Phases.

I hope to be as clear as possible with my offerings and want to let you know I now
have a waiting list for Phase l (currently) and openings in a 6 week Phase ll coming in January 2017 while I continue to provide for the individual needs of all my current and ongoing clients!

As always, I’m available for new client observations and consultations <3 Mary

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