The Pentathlon 2016

As a Spatial Dynamics trained and certified judge I model leadership with over 300 people from USA and Canada. Approximately eight schools and up to 150 children with their teachers and supporting staff participate. Judges have experience both in the art and science of observing, applying and practicing each technique, modeling objectivity. The skills and training of the judges foster high levels of learning for all students while advancing social justice and objectivity. This allows learning for all students while celebrating students’ social and emotional development within an inclusive “city state” community. Social inclusion and teaching social justice while engaged in peaceful coexistence is modeled through leadership and with honor which is expressed by the judges, encouraging students to become engaged citizens in their school and community. Children practice the skills of cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control to help create a positive climate within which learning can take place. The judges’ aim is to embrace a love of learning through discovery, artistic expression, and justice-seeking among participants. The focus of these tournaments captures the harmony and beauty of physical form, the effective dynamic of the movement, and the potential to increase each child’s own individual level of performance with objective measurement. This way of “play” creates an enlivening and joyful experience, challenging the children to work towards greater harmony and optimal occupational engagement rather than challenging each other. The five events athletes participate in include Javelin, Discus, Long Jump, Running and Wrestling. Both technique and beauty are considered by the judges with a generosity and tolerance for individual style and physical differences. Students are recognized by their speed, distance, grace and form in the events. We are fortunate to have a number of Spatial Dynamics experts who form a team of Judges. Each athlete is honored with a medallion of participation, and each athlete’s unique contribution is pointed out by the judges. Children are considered as part of a whole group experience and highlighted as an individual. Every year as I join my clients, colleagues and friends at the Lake Champlain Greek Olympiad as a volunteer judge for three days in Burlington, Vermont, the even has grown to become one of my favorite experiences because we work so closely and collaborate so well within a caring, compassionate professional group of well-trained individuals and specialists offering a deeply moving, socially responsive event for all children!  

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