Coming of Age Overnight Camp

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  • Mary Blake May 26, 2023, 10:00 am

    Coming of age Wellness overnight Camp for 11/12 year olds.

    Our 11 and 12 year olds are in the process of making their transition to adolescence. Traditionally, across cultures, we understand they need opportunities to engage safely in their emerging capacity to become independent and experience more responsibilities. This helps them to mature in their role (s) as a part of their family and in our communities. Their needs and contributions matter, and coming of age camp will help them unlock their unique growing potentials. It’s a developmental marker and investment for creating a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future.

    Thank you for the opportunity you’ve provided for your child to attend the upcoming Coming of age Wellness overnight Camp 6/3 3 pm – 6/4 10 am.

    Each 11/12 year old has been working on their own camp site since last summer, attending to many details, preparing them to organize and develop their own skills. We have connected with the land, using our senses, where they will be sleeping overnight on the property. We have cleared the “trails” by walking “lightly” on the land so as to not disturb the wetlands or the surrounding landscape where owl, deer and small creatures share space with us, along with naturally decaying logs, trees and forest flora and fauna. We’ve practiced how to listen quietly in the woods. We know how to find spaces outside of our inner campsites for more boisterous exploration and play. Each child has chosen, designed, used tools and made their own list of what they’ll bring. Please encourage your child/ren to find everything on their own or to ask your assistance, as needed, to organize/pack their belongings. After they’ve finished, you can check in with them if they’re ready, to see if they have everything needed.

    During our time together, we will be practicing individual tests of strength, artistic sharing and community service. We’ll practice observational skills, learning how to respect nature safety, with growing independence away from family/adults, to develop self responsibility and confidence. We’ll be applying our therapeutic tools to learn how to meet challenges. We’ll be preparing what we eat together socially. At sunset and sunrise we’ll be in stillness ceremonies, celebrating our growth and initiating new potentials.

    I’m so grateful for the preciousness of this time I spend with your children!

    Yours, Mary

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