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  • Mary Blake October 19, 2023, 1:49 pm

    After 39 years of sharing my work, magic is very much still alive!

    It’s what connects us ALL with what we love. It’s the sparkle in another’s eye. It’s the quiver in another’s voice, being vulnerable, trying something new or challenging. It’s taking safe risks. It’s how new friendships and bonds grow naturally.

    I’ll share how your children responded when asked “what is magic”?

    “Magic is spectacular, everything chooses you, then disappears!”

    “Let magic shine!” “Big or small magic, anything is special!”

    “Ask with your heart and magically, anything can happen!”

    “Love yourself, even when life stings,”

    “We all win working together”

    These are not words from a book or a movie. They emerged from the heart as seeds grown from campers’ experiences the last 2 weeks. We started with stories to stimulate our imagination. We practiced listening with our senses and listening to each others minds. We learned how to be observers of ourselves, our own needs and others. We overcame our fears. We fine tuned our focus. We practiced how to take turns, problem solve, resolve conflicts, ask for advice and express our true feelings. We were never forced to win or compete with others. We were not expected to share what’s was too hard to put into words until we were ready. We adapted. We practiced and we made mistakes. Over and over we tried again until we mastered skills such as double jump rope, archery, using tools for building camps, making bridges, swinging, obstacles, cooking, cleaning up, making herbal candles, taking breaks in our own sensory caves and playing games such as tag, marbles, reading out loud and writing on hand made paper. We created wishes for ourselves and we shared our intentions. Together, we supported one another’s dreams.

    Thank you all once again for sharing your children with me. Love, Mary

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