Summer Services

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  • Mary Blake May 26, 2023, 9:58 am

    Summer is always more relaxed and provides a play based opportunity to naturally focus on increasing one’s self regulation, self confidence and independence. I highly value this time of year, working together to refine strength, endurance and sensory motor activities in a way that prepares us for the rest of the year with a solid set of skills. I’m reaching out to let you know my summer availability and I would love to hear If you have a particular area of interest or goals during the summer, such as building skills for swimming. If you’d like to sign up for session (s) and/or find a time to meet, let’s connect! I do hope these dates will work for you/us!

    Starting Wednesday’s June 21 – Saturday’s June 24th I’ll be available for summer sessions. I’m available thereafter, Wednesday through Saturday for 8 weeks total, ending Wednesday August 9th – Saturday August 12th.

    If you would like more information to learn about other services/events, please let me know! I’m honored and very excited to offer the following.

    Coming of age 11 – 12 year old overnight camps 5/3 – 5/4 & 9/9 – 9/10.

    Wellness Camp for 5 – 12 year olds August 14th – 18th and 21st – 25th.

    Spatial dynamics and energy healing sessions are available for adults.

    It’s been my pleasure to be a part of y/our and your child’s growth so far this year! Please share with others you know who may be interested too!

    Yours, Mary

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