Phase lV Summer Programs and Services with Mary Blake

Mary is now accepting clients for Therapeutic Dimensions™ 6 week (Intensive) Phase lV Program. We’re building a Geobarn cabin in Hartland, VT & it’s becoming a Functional Medicine Studio where there’s a very strong connection to nature & healing (there are crystals for the four directions set in the slab foundation) and we’re doing as much of the work as possible with our own hands (designed in harmony with the land)! I’m feeling so much gratitude for this opportunity & hopeful that it will offer a setting that others find the spirit of true nourishment for their body & senses already so present (as we magnify it with our own intentions & attentional awareness) listening deeply & intuitively <3 Always, Mary

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to share TD’s link “Steps to begin Phases Programs with TherapeuticDimensions™” to help you get started ~ Click the links below for more information and to set up a time for a free phone consultation with Mary!

Steps to begin Therapeutic Dimensions™ Phases Programs

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