“Blankets of Warmth” from Mary Blake

I hope this winter has delighted all of your senses and you’ve captured a few long and sparkling hours in the snow or inside by a warm fire with your family <3

I’ve posted several BLOG entries on my website recently for you to read and enjoy (it helps me keep “in touch” during our transitions between Therapeutic Dimensions™ Phases) to prepare for our next exciting transition into a new space!

I like to consider “changes and transitions” as an ongoing practice for developing patience, flexibility, and endurance! My energy has been steady (thankfully) through 2016, requiring a new inner “stamina” to share our commitment to grow a sustainable outward vision in 21017, taking each step together towards what matters and what we care about most for our STAR children 🙂

We understand everyone’s making their best effort and what it really means for us ALL to dedicate ourselves to continuous growth and evolve together sharing resources within our local communities.

As the seasons melt away and we shift to accommodate our new growth, we’re called from our busy lives to simplify (wondering how everything’s grown so complicated) while listening to nature’s re awakened rhythms!

I feel very blessed as we grow closer to our new space being ready this Spring, while continuing services at UVWS and in your homes. There are three options for you to consider for Phase lll and I invite you set up a free phone consultation to discuss goals and our next steps!

I feel very fortunate to hear from clients many years after working together (as a beautiful a testimonial and gift of appreciation) offering their stories in support for current clients, sharing their success and challenges. Thank you all for your inspiration and staying in touch <3

Therapeutic Dimension’s integrity (without solicitation or advertising) is regarded as the primary reason families contribute and invest both financial and non financial resources to support our community based alternative healing arts programs and offerings! With your continued support, it will be economically feasible in Vermont for Therapeutic Dimensions™’s focus to expand with current research and evidence based family practice in our communities of care, given my expertise, specialized credentials and experience.

I’m proud to have presented 30 years of my work to the American Occupational Therapy Association in 2016 and I have the honor to be among less than 1% of OT’s accepted through national peer review as a Board Certified Pediatric Specialist in Occupational Therapy. Additionally, I chose to voluntarily spend 300 hours defining alternative approaches and methods based on criteria scored responses to measure current data and for developing future Programs.

I want to personally thank everyone for your support of my professional development and for your collaboration ~ as always, it’s my pleasure serving with you!

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