Therapeutic Dimensions® Phases of Creative Collaboration

Therapeutic Dimensions® Phases uses a simple design based on a natural progression for developing collaborative relationships using a team approach. Ongoing assessment, training and monitoring provides a step by step sequence during each Phase to offer a comprehensive and inclusive program for groups and individuals to embed fun, clear, easy to implement activities for visible functional results. See how each Phase progresses with you in an unfolding process based on your unique set of goals!

Phase l ~ observation, assessment and consultation with recommendations for functional enhancements to apply within typical routines across settings.

Phase ll ~ setting up and training, implementation and data collection for specialized therapeutic base circuits to develop rhythmic foundations to support learning.

Phase lll ~ reassessment, review and refinement for building skills, performing and practicing  independently across many settings.

Phase IV ~ application and generalization of skills, self advocacy and socialization during leisure or recreation emphasizing maintenance of performance.

Our goal is to empower you to design and implement practical ideas and use therapeutic tools that benefit everyone.  We will coach you to become an empowered team player while we engage with you in a creative collaborative process using a holistic systems approach.

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Phase I ~ ObservationPhase II ~ EnhancementPhase III ~ RefinementPhase IV ~ Expansion
Choose a form to help us observe the behaviors we will address during our work together. To understand more about how Phase l of our work together unfolds, click here .  To read more about ways to offer children what their bodies need most click here.

CollaborationWe want to enhance how you engage with one another. We offer collaborative consultation off site and training on site to increase staff capacities. We want to engage with you in many functional environments.

We will model and use materials readily available to give specialized therapeutic “doses” that will enhance all the natural routines occurring in a space to support the unfolding of true instinctual learning. This meaning reveals the whole child while he remains among peers, family and community in mainstream and natural settings.

Access the Sensory Diet Form as a Tool you will use for collecting data during Phase ll. 

We all know children who cannot sit still because they do not feel where their bodies are in space. During Phase lll we will learn to understand the causes of these children’s responses. They are often in need of a base circuit and daily enhancements to develop the missing foundation skills for learning.

Phases in the classroom
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The following video conveys a simple idea to help you gain insight and understand how we will coach you to observe changes in physical, sensory and adaptive behaviors during our work together.

We are now ready to apply many new skills to keep moving forward ~

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Tim Flynn
Director of Special Education Services
Mary Cathleen is a quality person and a quality co‐worker. She cares deeply for the students and teachers she works with and she shows this an on daily basis with a kind word or some other token of appreciation or assistance. Mary Cathleen has transformed the way that U‐32 delivers Occupational Therapy through her foresight, professional development and working relationships. She has helped us develop a system for occupational therapy and support that includes specific therapy, sensory routines for students to do independently to achieve more equilibrium in their bodies and lives, and equally as important, she has given us the tools to provide supports to students throughout their entire school day. Mary Cathleen possesses impressive teaching skills, calmness, and empathy when she is working directly with students. She is extremely confident in her skills and there has never been a job that she has not been able to handle. On several occasions I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mary Cathleen with a student who was exhibiting challenging behaviors and appreciate her skill level and objectivity. She is able to inspire confidence in her work and reflections and that confidence has helped numerous teams’ work their way through difficult issues to produce meaningful, positive results. Mary Cathleen is a consummate professional in every way. Her communication skills are very good and she is well received throughout our school. I highly recommend Mary Cathleen as a consultant and therapist, as well as a person who will be a strong and knowledgeable addition to any learning community.

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