Fall 2017 Phase l Letter from Mary 🍂

I linger in transitions this time of year, especially at daybreak and evening when I feel a calm curiosity shifting my mind quietly into a whole body 360 degree-panoramic experience with far off sounds of owl, coyote and nearby peepers as we put the finishes on the interior of the new Studio this month and next month in time for cool winter breezes! Gifts of patience, wisdom and kindness are echoing in the unfolding of this amazing project, with so many hard working contributors of similar interests in sustainability, soil, permaculture and orienting to natural rhythms as a wholistic healing process with constant discipline to see if we are awake or asleep in a dream🍂

We are very fortunate and grateful many of you have found us and come by to witness the unyielding transformation, moving on its own now with clear intention🍂

Phase l scheduling is full and a waiting list for Phase ll (a six week session in January and February) is forming with first preference given to existing clients who chose to work with specialized programs for maintaining progress developed in Fall Phase l🍂

Therapeutic Dimensions™, PA appreciates all of your amazing collaboration with scheduling, medical diagnosis and invoicing ~ A reminder of the steps to prepare at this time will be sent to everyone in your portal ~ I look forward to hearing any suggestions and your questions ~ Sending many blessings and so much love moving us all forward🍂

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