Children and Adults benefit from healing work.

Children and Adults benefit from healing work.

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  • Mary Blake March 17, 2022, 4:00 pm

    I would love to work on a story about movement and mindfulness and how we shift into deeper whole body listening in relationships as adults.

    Maybe a children’s story … inner child’s journey … finding the way imaginatively into a physical world using senses … clues inside their body … exploring unknowns … maps!

    The climax would involve how we physically engage with our senses, expressing oneself with courage. 

    It would include the unfolding processes 1.) what it’s like being vulnerable 2.) relying on instinctual and intuitive pathways 2.) longings and desire (sacred play with senses) 3.) cyclical rhythms (creating safe spaces) 4.) discovering your body knowing wisdom (truth). 

    There would be a hall of mirrors … reversals for adults who’ve forgotten their body knowing by connecting with their child’s wisdom. Adults receive a “wake up” call to remember to listen to their inner child, inviting them through inquiry to discover the root cause of their own “dis ease”! Actually, this happens frequently with sensitive star seed children. My middle son Kyle taught me this lesson. He (is) was one of my most important teacher’s this lifetime, helping me to say “yes” to the unfolding of my own spiritual journey. 

    I receive downloads healing myself and I share ways to learn how to teach others to 1.) tune in with sense perceptions  2.) activate body wisdom 3.) create natural magnetic body maps unfolding different levels. 

  • Mary Blake March 17, 2022, 4:27 pm

    What do you most want for yourself and your loved ones?

    I would like alternative healing and wellness for learning and growth to be accessible for everyone, in addition to traditional therapies.

    Many problems arise from the complexity of our cultural systems. Over intellectualizing healing processes might only temporarily band aid a deeper need to understand where the problems are coming from to begin with in order to develop a set of skills to self regulate (deescalate) layer by layer, hidden reflexive patterns. With a simple shift towards intentional whole body listening, instead of over thinking, we are able to naturally respond more easily to others and the world around us.

    Co regulating with others is socially motivating AND it requires less work trying to figure out ahead of time how to fix what’s broken. There is less that becomes problematic, replaced by natural simplicity and ease. This brings a sense of where to begin again, reconnecting what does not have to remain stuck in emotional, mental or physical cycles of disempowerment. We are set free!

    The important links to learning and movement are already proven scientifically. Why are we encouraged to break down ourselves into diseases and children into little pieces targeting symptoms rather than providing a wholistic approach to healing ourselves and family systems?

    When “dis ease” is acknowledged and a child is given opportunities to develop self regulatory foundations with primary care givers, neurological potentials then allow so much to become possible. We learn to know ourselves. We recognize our child. It’s a reason for a celebration of life every day!

    “The nervous system self regulates us and is the master organizer in charge of everything including motor skills, language, behaviors and problem solving skills. It provides us with the opportunity to make important global changes by tapping into the vital relationship between movement and learning. By using movement, we can, in a sense, teach the child how to learn.

    Because movement is a language your brain understands well, small, gentle movements can be used to form millions of new connections in the brain. These new connections bring with them an increased sense of awareness and ease. This sense of ease is critical from a learning standpoint. We must begin from a place where the child feels able rather than a place of difficulty. We grow ourselves best from our healthiest places, and we tend to shut down when we are challenged in our places of difficulty. Therefore, if this is to be about learning, it must also be about ease. If you teach children how to crawl, that is exactly what they will learn, and the learning will end there. However, if you give them a toolbox that contains all of the little pieces that make up crawling, they can later use these pieces to build towards standing, walking, running, and even the refinement of all of these skills! And since these pieces are being given to them by forging new connections in their brains, these changes bring new possibilities to every aspect of their lives! Whenever I work with a child who seems entirely out of touch, out of reach, in their own world, I look forward to the moment when their eyes light up, and they awaken to their potential. It doesn’t take long for this to happen because we are communicating in the language of movement, which is a direct pathway into the brain. You can actually see their learning switches get flipped on!”

    Lynn Kenny, Feldenkrais and Metatronic Practitioner

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