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Happy New Year!  I’ve had a deeply restful break and hope you are well! I’ll start scheduling sessions for next week according to the requests we’ve received.

I’ve uploaded the flyer in your portal for Jane Swaine’s workshop taking place free of cost at UVWS Saturday (see below). Jane is dear friend and a long time colleague of mine.

I would not want anyone to miss this rare opportunity and hope you will be able to attend!! I’ll be at the farmhouse afterwards to visit with you to celebrate the start of 2016 together!

I looking forward to seeing you soon!




Saturday January 9th 2016 from 9:30 to 12

Jane Swain is presenting at Upper Valley Waldorf School in Quechee, VT. She is a graduate of Level III training in Spacial Dynamics®, a pediatric physical therapist, an adult educator at Sophia’s Hearth Family Center in Keene, NH and consultant to early childhood and grade school classrooms. Jane is a previous movement education teacher in the younger grades at the Monadnock Waldorf School, she is also certified in Sensory Integration and has studied best practices for infants and toddlers at the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary.”


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