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  • “Doctor Rasta” and “Goldie”

    Raphel and Mary arrived at 19B in a rain storm 10/1/15!

    We have four children and two grandkids we are raising together here and in Jamaica WI. We work together with children and families in communities all over the world practicing healing arts and traditional herbal medicine with movement while fully engaging all the senses!
    Community life is a natural way of connecting and sharing what we love with others. We especially like to work and learn with the earth growing food and playing in the woods with the elemental beings and faeries.
    We cherish the simple innocence of childhood and seek to gain wisdom with elders through life’s transition processes <3
    MAKE THIS A BLOG POST – DATED 10/1/15 – Add information about the Irie Mountain Blessed project and link to it.  “Come bang a drum with me in Jamaica, where we’ll feel our hearts beating as one.  Click here to read more about our project in Jamaica.”

  • 4 images – Our Farm, Wabisabi, reaping (corn), and forever (boat in ocean) – Put these pictures into the Irie Mountain Blessed section of the New Projects page


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  • We offer collaborative consultation and training on site at schools to increase staff capacities.
    We engage across many functional environments. We model and use materials readily available to give specialized therapeutic “doses” to enhance natural routines in a space unfolding true instinctual learning. This meaning reveals the whole child while they remain among peers in the mainstream.
  • “In an era of scripted-, preformed curricula not arising out of the expe’rience but from ready­ made formulas and presentations we long for meaningful experiences in the artistry of true encounters each day.   Training in observation, opportunities to reflect and experience, find support in finding one’s own creative gifts, raising and exploring questions in active dialogue with one another during life’s daily routines and tasks remind us of our own body’s knowledge and wisdom.” E. Swartz, J. Petrash
  • Phases images: Dandelion, tree swing, hands & feet in a circle, and balloons



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  • Charity McNabb … thanks for the practical realistic understanding of parenting skills needed for sensitive children in a confusing overwhelming world where we try to do the right thing and miss the opportunity to listen deeply to allow the child’s gifts to unfold … everyone has a gift to share …

    emerge connect with the world and begin to communicate self expression … a dance of increased awareness and skills to navigate with the tools of ones own body and senses in space naturally …

  • Add line for Providers testimonial from U32  – I don’t know what this means


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