Spring Phases Letter

Springtime is only a few weeks away!

Sap is already flowing and we’re starting to boil at Cobb Hill this week!

I invite you to feel new freedom stirring inside as we begin Phase lll March – May!

I’m discovering a new way of expressing my professional work and made a promise to authentically plant the seeds of my experiences into the public realm. I’m honored to have this opportunity and to welcome a new impulse arising within me from significantly deeper realms and to begin sharing more stories with my beloved clients, colleagues, friends and family while expanding into broader audiences!

Please join me in celebrating my new website at http://www.therapeuticdimensions.org

I’m becoming aware of how easy it is for me to have a deep connection with a few people and I’m now realizing what it means to develop a new set of skills to learn a whole different language, expressing my voice openly, objectively & integrally. It’s really been an amazing process so far ~ I hope you’ll enjoy!

I’m very happy to announce and warmly welcome my dear friend Susan Lansil who has joined Therapeutic Dimensions™, PA intuitively and administratively! We appreciate everyone’s continued efforts to keep your files and claims processing up to date. We recommend returning clients and families contact us to reserve sessions before 2/26/16 to let us know the days and times that will work best for you so our sessions can be pre-arranged for the next 12-week period. Let us know if you would like help finding appointments that fit with your schedule by emailing or calling 802.299.2494.

I live in awe witnessing the beautiful ways we’re blossoming with nature’s wisdom in her wonder filled transformation within ourselves and around us. Thank you for being you and sharing so many precious moments of your journey as we continue to learn and grow together through this season ~with gratitude!

Mary Blake. Director. maryblake@therapeuticdimensions.org