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Thank you for saying YES to joining our neuro divergent humanity!

Are you a neuro divergent creative individual feeling blocked or stuck in life?

Are you suffering from a lack of alternate support or a sense of not belonging in life?

For those interested in reading or sharing healing stories, visit JoJo’s Blog here

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  • Mary Blake March 17, 2022, 5:59 pm

    Life is alive. It’s never stagnant. Life moves through changes, cycling resiliently, evolving adaptively.

    It’s never too late. I began my own un learning process in midlife. I’m healthy and mature, 20 years later.
I can see now what would have become a less fulfilling life, potentially un enlivened, a life not fully lived.

    To be seen and heard. To receive love as oneself and safely express one’s own true voice as love, I believe is the most beautiful gift we’re given to share in life.

    My true voice within had been silenced. I remember how this happened when I was about 9 years old on the playground. I even traced my original wound preverbal to the sounds of the ocean vibrations. Neuro diversity “should’s and have to’s” stifled my natural creative genius. I felt uprooted and didn’t know why. I wasn’t sure where I belonged. I tested my self doubts, thinking I had to create “polite distance”. Through my studies, I learned how to re root myself from the original cause and to practice a new set of skills based on my true foundational blueprint. I have now deepened my roots. I’m slowly gaining confidence, being my self like a diamond hidden deep under rock, waiting for the perfect conditions to arise and shine.

  • Mary Blake March 17, 2022, 6:08 pm

    Initially, I had to learn how to be in this world. My teachers and family did the best they could to understand. I found my neuro creative friends encouraged me and we supported each other to be ourselves. We were always touch stones for one another; yet in a way we were all feeling helpless. We needed each other’s understanding and compassion. It’s easier being myself when I’m in presence of others who are also neuro creative. The work in front of me was to fully be myself learning to live peacefully with everyone, instead of hiding behind a fear of my differences, disappointing others.

    I thought I had to create professional distance to gain cultural social currency, earning scores for doing what’s “right” or expected in exchange for my inner soul freedom. Because of this pattern, I experienced a separation from my heart in order to think logically. Now I allow myself to connect with my heart’s emotional center to say what she needs. I nurture her first instead of doing what she’s told or what is expected. I’m more compassionate towards myself and others imperfections without agendas. It feels like I’m aligned in the flow of life and I’m surrendering with a sense of presence and natural creative energy.

    We each have a unique genius. We need each other. Asking for support to learn is a sign of my trust and not of weakness or strength in and of itself. I soften in to share. I’m excited to expand and grow. I practice paying attention to energies on multiple levels. I follow the intention of the energy behind the words, not just the words I hear spoken. It is a subtle language. It is multidimensional. I practice how to translate my language within movements, fully embodied and engaged. Sometimes, if there’s too much information to make sense of all at once, I turn off the “noise” around me if it sounds too loud, fast or linear until I sense where it belongs in my own conscious awareness. It can appear as if I am slow, resisting the rules or as if I’m challenging others expected protocols or norms. It can feel like I am a stranger in a strange land. It’s taken time and daily practice to translate and to understand how to weave the layers and sequences. I prioritize what’s most important or I ask others who are more aware of superficial language, rules or social orderliness. I’m more inclined toward natural order and law. I relate with ease to seasonal rhythmic cycles.

    I energetically recognize how nature orients my body in space, sensing this connection to everything around me. I’ve developed an inner map connecting my whole self to the other worlds. I sense, see, hear, smell and know how to clear and purify pathways energetically with light streams physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I understand the quiet, soft vibrations of energy originating from the heart throughout the whole body. I feel a moving co creative experience sharing and relating with others.

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