Action Research

Group consciousness and individual heart centered developmental processes

Action research is a method that fundamentally differs from traditional research in its ideas of the nature of inquiry. Action researchers work with people, rather than on them or for them, to participate in a process of change. The process of change is based in learning from action and experience and continuing evaluation. Rather than just emphasizing individual problems and drawing on rationality to understand and explain these issues, research looks at situation, system, and recognizes the significance of emotions and irrational behavior.

SOLAR, the center for Action research and Participatory Development, states among their organizations principles: “central to our work is the notion of working creatively with uncertainty. Similarly we see paradox, tensions and contradictions revealed by inquiry as offering vital opportunities to learn.” “…Various forms of social action and research lading to action using a spiral of steps, each of which is composed of a circle of planning, action and fact finding about the result of the action.”

Farm, circus and pentathlon, dance, hand drumming, story telling, dream weaving …

Model and start moving as a practitioner and develop discipline.

Questions and interest turn me into a teacher to unfold new potential.

Is the form easy to understand and apply? Can it be used to guide a process?

Suggestions and Recommendations

  • Based on full observation objective assessment
  • Knowing a person by removing hindrances to unfold
  • Bring differences to light and into purposeful tasks
  • Engagement with emerging efficiency less need
  • Placed in proper conditions and sequences
  • Proper training, tools and methodology

Video and photo docs

  • Specific/objective
  • Apply lots of ways
  • Observation protocols
  • Model/enhancements
  • Support functional goals